About Us

As an urgent care practice, we are dedicated to offering patients quality medical services, in a prompt, professional and caring manner. Our medical practice is based on our desire to create a courteous and comfortable environment for individuals seeking urgent care solutions. We seek to provide our medical services in a caring environment with utmost respect and integrity. It is the mission of Valley Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine to set a new standard in urgent care and occupational medicine for the community we serve. We will apply innovative concepts and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our guiding values of compassion, integrity and leadership demonstrated through excellence will provide a solid foundation that will enable Valley Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine to become a resource to patients and other providers, and create a stimulating environment and job satisfaction for its employees.

In order to achieve our mission, we will procure and develop strategic relationships with local hospitals, providers and programs. With our partners we will develop and share knowledge and experience. Our vision is to become recognized as the leader in urgent and occupational medical care.